How to Style a Bridal Hair Comb

Whether you want a touch of sparkle or a bunch, wedding hair combs can deliver! This accessory can be worn in almost every hairstyle (although updos are a bit easier—more on that below!). Combs are also available in a vast array of designs. You can find those that are more structured or others that are free-flowing and organic in shape…and everything in between. This adaptability makes them the perfect complement to almost anyone's wedding day style.

No matter how you wear it, a bridal comb (or two) will elevate your look! To help brides like you consider all the options, we've put together this guide on how to style combs on your wedding day.

A collage of brides wearing their hair in various up dos and styled with their crystal bridal hair combs


 Securing a Bridal Hair Comb

Rest assured, your stylist is skilled in placing your wedding hair accessory in a way that ensures it will stay securely in place throughout your wedding day, even as you dance, hug, and kiss!

Position the Comb: Though you might already know where you'd like your bridal comb placed (in the back or above your ear, for example), your stylist will advise you on the best placement based on your chosen hairstyle.

Anchor with Bobby Pins: To make sure your bridal headpiece stays put all day, your stylist will typically anchor it using bobby pins. The pins are usually inserted in an 'X' shape over the comb's teeth.

Hairspray for Hold: A strong-hold hairspray will be used to keep everything in place.



A collage of brides wearing their hair in various up dos and down dos and styled with their crystal bridal hair combs

Styling Ideas for Bridal Hair Combs

We've gathered some images of our real brides wearing their crystal bridal hair combs to illustrate how versatile these wedding accessories can be.

Buns + Ponytails

For a low bun or ponytail, consider sliding a comb into the side for a touch of elegance. Alternatively, you can place your comb on one side to accentuate the curve of your bun, adding a unique twist to your hairstyle.

Many of our brides favor a high bun, a classic wedding hairstyle. A comb placed above or below (or even arcing around it) makes a dramatic statement.

You can also place your comb off to the side to frame your face—this is a more striking look that more than a few of our brides adore!

If you do place your comb above one ear, remember to ask your hairdresser to place it on the side that will face your guests as you exchange vows! That way everyone will see it and it will shine in photos, too.

Half Up, Half Down

The best of both worlds, this wedding 'do can be styled similarly to buns. A comb looks lovely tucked into the back of your head and off to the side or closer to your face.

Hair Worn Down

Lots of our brides wear their hair down in soft curls or Old Hollywood waves. It's a lovely hairstyle! It also requires professional comb placement. You can position your comb above one ear or use it to sweep your hair back to one side.
A collage of brides wearing their hair down and styled with their crystal bridal hair combs

Final Tips

Match your Comb to Your Wedding Dress: Choose a comb that references your wedding dress. For example, a lace gown looks lovely with a accessory whose style or details (such as pearls combined with crystals) echo the pattern of your gown's fabric. Or maybe your dress is free-flowing—in that case, perhaps a comb with a more organic motif is best suited!

Consider Your Veil: If you're wearing a wedding veil, decide whether you want the comb to be the focal point or to complement the veil. Either way, all that sparkle will make itself known beneath the net. However, if you want it to take center stage, consider placing your comb towards your face or above where the veil will affix.

Communicate with Your Stylist: During your hair trial, discuss your preferred comb placement with your stylist. You may want to get up and dance to ensure it stays in place!

Find just the right bridal accessories for your personal style and special day! Browse our wedding headpieces, or visit us in person at our New York accessory boutique.

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