The Modern Bride's Guide to Old Hollywood Waves

Nothing says timeless glamour quite like Old Hollywood waves. This bridal hairstyle exudes sophistication and is a nod to the golden era of Hollywood's glitz. It's also a look that's often mentioned by women visiting our bridal accessory boutique!

So, we thought we'd take a look into this gorgeous down-do and share how it's different from loose curls (another popular style) and what  wedding hair accessories are best.

The story behind Old Hollywood waves

This hairstyle is often referred to as 'Veronica Lake waves.’ The reason for this is that superstar Veronica Lake made this look a glamour girl classic! Women all over the world—including other stars—emulated her look. As a result, back in the 1940s and 1950s, sexy, sophisticated allure was defined by screen sirens like Rita Hayworth, Mae West, Jean Harlow, and Marilyn Monroe, all of whom wore their hair in soft, glossy, and structured waves.


4 images in a collage showing different brides wearing their long hair in Hollywood waves with accessories


Crystal Bridal Hair Accessories for Old Hollywood Waves

Pairing this fabulous wedding day hairstyle with a dazzling wedding hair accessory renders your look iconic. We're talking crystal-encrusted hair vines, wedding hair combs, and headbands!

Crystal hair combs: Nestle a stunning bridal hair comb into the side of your Old Hollywood waves—this will accentuate the waves while adding a sparkle that catches the eye.

Crystal hair vines and halos: For a bolder, more dramatic look, intertwine a long bridal hair vine into your Old Hollywood waves, or top it with a glittering bridal halo. These versatile, flexible accessories will add a luxurious touch to your hairstyle.

Crystal bridal tiaras: For the bride aiming to make a statement, adorn your Old Hollywood waves with a crystal tiara. Crowning your atop your waves, it introduces a regal elegance that channels both vintage glamour and modern-day princess vibes.

Crystal bridal headbands: Opt for a bridal headband to frame your Old Hollywood waves. This will elevate the look, enhancing the refinement and elegance of the style.


4 images in a collage with brides wearing their hair in Hollywood waves with accessories 

    Old Hollywood Waves vs. Loose Curls

    Both waves and loose curls are striking bridal hairstyles that exude romance and glamour. However, they are different! Here's what separates the two:

    1. Structure and form: The defining feature of Old Hollywood waves is their smooth, structured shape. That's what lends the hairstyle its polished look. On the other hand, loose curls are relaxed and free flowing.
    2. Glamour quotient: While loose curls present a boho romantic aesthetic, Old Hollywood waves are all about high glamour with a low-key retro feel.
    3. Curl positioning: Hollywood waves generally begin around ear level, flowing down on one side, whereas loose curls start from the top or mid-section and are scattered around.


    To find the perfect hair accessory for your Old Hollywood waves, shop our large selection of luxury bridal headpieces. If you'd like to try all the options in person, we'd love for you to visit us at our NYC bridal accessory boutique.

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