The Modern Bride's Guide to Low Buns and Chignons

The low bun and chignon have always been wedding updos synonymous with elegance. Never going out of style, these classic hairstyles continue to enchant brides with their grace and versatility. From sleek and modern to more traditional and romantic interpretations, low buns and chignons have something to offer every bride.

To help you decide what updo (or is it low-do?) bridal hairstyle is best for your big day, we're exploring allll the low bun options. Plus, we're sharing images of some of our fabulous real brides to show you just how versatile this updo can be.

A gorgeous, low bridal bun with waves and a statement Swarovski crystal hair comb.

Chignon vs. low bun wedding hairstyles

Though often used interchangeably, low buns and chignons have subtle differences. A low bun hairstyle can be smooth and sleek, braided, or loose and breezy. It can sit directly at the nape or off to the side. Meanwhile, a chignon is a more specific type of bun. Derived from the French word "chignon du cou," its name literally means "nape of the neck." Thus, when wearing a chignon, it's generally pinned into a knot or a twist and placed centered at the base of the hairline.

Bridal hair style inspo - 2 gorgeous, low bridal buns accented with statement Swarovski crystal hair accessories.

Low bun and chignon wedding day styles

There's a huge variety of ways to style a bridal low bun or chignon. Whether sleek and modern or loosely gathered with soft curls, there's something to suit every bride's personal style.

The low buns and chignons we encounter in our bridal accessories boutique are usually styled in the following ways (they're also voluminous—our brides love a big bun!):

  1. Modern: A glossy bun or chignon exudes a contemporary, clean look. Sometimes the stylist works in sculptural waves to add texture to this otherwise sleek look.
  2. Timeless: With gentle lines and curves, a classic chignon or bun brings a touch of ballerina grace.
  3. Romantic: A loose, low bun offers a softer, more whimsical, and slightly vintage appearance. Add in a few tendrils or loose curls flowing freely to layer on even more romance.

A gorgeous, low bridal bun with soft curls and a statement Swarovski crystal hairvine.

Accessories perfect for low buns and chignons

Accessories are the finishing touch that elevates a bridal low bun or chignon from beautiful to breathtaking. Bridal hair vines, hair combs, bridal halos, and headbands are among our low bun-wearing brides' favorites.

Bridal hair vines: Wrapped around your bun's base, woven through your hairstyle, or wound around to frame your face, bridal hair vines are versatile. From opulent to minimalist, there's one for every aesthetic under the sun. If you can't find it, we'll happily custom-design one for you.

Halos: You can't go wrong with 360 degrees of shimmer! A bridal halo encircling your head is a dazzling complement to a low bun or chignon. This wedding hair accessory definitely has flair and can convey a vintage, bohemian vibe.

Bridal hair style inspo - 2 gorgeous, low bridal buns accented with statement Swarovski crystal hair accessories.

Bridal hair combs: Placed to the side of your bun or just behind and above your ear, a bridal hair comb adds a glittering focal point. This accessory can be bold, delicate, floral-inspired, ornate, or modern—it all depends on which hair comb (or combs!) you choose.


Headbands: A classic and versatile choice, headbands can bring an extra touch of elegance to a low bun or chignon. Whether adorned with crystals, pearls, or delicate floral motifs, a bridal headband can be chosen to match the overall theme of the wedding.

A gorgeous, low bridal bun and a statement double blossom flower Swarovski crystal hair comb.


To find the perfect hair accessories for your bridal look, browse our large selection of bridal hair vines, enchanting halos, bridal hair combs, and more in our online bridal accessory shop. If you'd like to try all the options in person, we'd love for you to visit us at our NYC bridal accessory boutique.

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