Why You Should Say Yes to the Veil

Wedding veils and headpieces are a dramatic combination that take your wedding day look into the extraordinary. Some of you out there might be on the fence about adding a wedding veil to your look. You might think it’s too much, too old-fashioned, or too flashy. We want you to give it a try…because veils are amazing!

A stunning wedding veil with lace around the crown and a Swarovski crystal headpiece


To prove our point, we’re sharing a few shots of our brides wearing their gorgeous veils and dazzling headpieces for inspiration, and we will address two of the most common veil concerns. As you peruse the pictures, try and imagine that moment without the veil—still lovely, but the veil adds something special!


Lace-edged cathedral wedding veils and Swarovski crystal headpieces


Are wedding veils too over the top?

If ever there was a day to go above and beyond with your fashion, it’s on your wedding day. Whether you’re eloping, keeping it casual on a beach, or going full-on regal with a big lace wedding dress, a wedding veil and headpiece are exactly what you need.

A veil can also enhance your beauty in amazing ways. A blusher creates a soft glow on your face, like a real-life filter. Pair that with a cathedral veil, which creates a dramatic silhouette as you walk down the aisle. If you are outdoors, it will flutter in the breeze and catch the light in the most beguiling of ways. For those of you not even remotely drawn to a longer veil, a French net veil is a gorgeous option. The net has a way of transforming your look into something incredibly romantic and glamorous.

A veil can also help you change up your look throughout the day. You can wear it for the ceremony and for photos, then take it off for the reception. It’s a great way to transition from one part of your day to another.

A sheer cathedral wedding veil enhancing a classic lace ballgown wedding dress

Are veils only for traditional brides?

Not at all! Like wedding dresses, veils come in many styles and lengths to suit your personal taste. You don’t have to wear a long lace veil if that’s not your thing. You can opt for a sheer, shimmery veil that flows behind you as you glide toward the altar. Or maybe you could choose a veil with gorgeous embroidery at the crown of your head that echoes your mermaid gown. Perhaps you could select a French net veil or maybe a short blusher that frames your face. The key is to find the right veil that complements your style and dress. Veils are truly a timeless wedding accessory that, like your sparkling headpiece, can be passed on to friends or children to be worn again. Plus, we think you’ll agree they photograph beautifully!


French net blusher veils enhancing the glamour of bridal hair and makeup


Classic sheer veils enhancing timeless bridal looks


If you’d like help choosing the perfect wedding veil and headpieces for your big day, please visit us at our NYC bridal boutique! We’ll guide you through all the options so you can see if a veil is the perfect icing for your bridal look.

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