Styling Ideas for a Dazzling Low Bridal Bun

The ever-elegant low bridal bun is about as timeless as a wedding hairstyle gets. It’s also one of the most versatile. Your low bun can be braided, wavy, full, sleek, intricately woven, composed of romantic curls…just about anything you can imagine. The same goes for the bridal accessories you choose to accent your gorgeous hairstyle! You can go with a statement bridal hair comb or classic headband, 360 degrees of sparkle in a bridal halo, or wind some dazzle throughout with hair vines.

To help inspire how you style your wedding day look, we’re sharing some of the ways our stylish brides accent their low buns below.

Low bridal buns styled with sparkling crystal hair vines that frame the face.

Face-Framing Headpieces

Your low bun is gorgeous on its own, but add a face-framing headpiece and, voilà—you're highlighting that happy glow! Wedding hair vines are great for this—since they’re flexible, your hairstylist can position them however it suits you best. Another popular face-framing choice is a bridal headband.

Pro Tip:
Choose a headpiece that mirrors the style of your dress. A boho gown? Think whimsical hair vines. A classic dress? Try a headband or wedding hair vine with a more timeless motif.

Low bridal buns styled with sparkling crystal hair vines that accent the back of the hairstyle.

Halo Bridal Headpieces

Like a hair vine, bridal halos are flexible, but instead of a length of sparkle, you dazzle all the way around! A halo headpiece with a low bun is like peanut butter and jelly—perfect together. It's the ultimate blend of elegance and statement.

Pro Tip:
Try angling your halo across your forehead for an even more dramatic look.

Low bridal buns styled with sparkling crystal halo hair vines with a back accent.

Bridal Hair Combs

Make your gorgeous low bun pop with a glittering statement bridal hair comb. Placed at the top or on either side of your bun, it’ll catch eyes and add tons of shine.

Pro Tip:
If your dress features a gorgeous back detail such as sheer lace or a cut-out, complement it with a headpiece that echoes its style. For instance, consider a bridal accessory whose shape mirrors that of your back or complements your textile’s texture.


Low bridal buns styled with sparkling statement crystal halo hair vines.


Hair Vines with a Back Accent

Who says you can’t have your cake and eat it, too? Highlight your face and your stunning low bun by wearing a sparkling hair vine with a statement element built in. A bridal halo headpiece

Pro Tip:
Work with your stylist to weave the vine to arc over the crown of your head and around your bun. It should look effortless, like it naturally belongs there.


Your wedding hairstyle is a reflection of your personality and style. Whether you go for a face-framing beauty, a heavenly halo, dramatic back accents, or whimsical vines, your low bun is bound to be breathtaking. Remember, it's your day, your style, your moment. Shine on, beautiful brides!

If you’d like a little help finding the right bridal hair accessories for your low bun hairstyle, we’d love for you to visit us at our NYC bridal accessory boutique. You can also shop a selection of wedding accessories online and email us with questions and custom bridal headpiece requests.

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