Wonderful Notes From Bridal Styles Brides | Melissa

Whether through social media, email, or in person, hearing how much our brides love their headpieces and accessories means the world to us. However, it’s not often anymore that we receive a ‘thank you’ in the mail! We recently received this sweet thank-you card from our gorgeous bride Melissa and her mom, Antoinette, and it absolutely made our week!

From Melissa:

“Dear Bridal Styles Boutique staff,
Thank you so much for helping my mother and I find gorgeous headpieces and jewelry for my September 17, 2022 wedding. We loved our entire bridal and mother-of-the-bride looks! We were blown away by your incredible selection and the pieces that we purchased completed our looks to be glam and elegant. We are so thankful and love you!
Love, Melissa (Rosenhan) Barone and Antoinette Rosenhan”


You look gorgeous, Melissa. Between your regal bridal crown, stunning ball gown, and romantic down do, you are a modern-day princess! We’re so glad to know you and your mom love your bridal accessories and jewelry, and that you had such a lovely experience at our boutique. Thank you so much for your beautiful note and pictures. Best wishes!



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