How to Style a Sleek Bridal Bun | Bridal Hair + Accessory Inspo

A chic, sleek, low bun or chignon is a favorite of celebrities walking the red carpet…as well as our own elegant Bridal Styles brides. Often styled with a lovely face-framing wave, this iconic bridal updo is a great choice for modern and traditional romantics alike.

Low buns versus chignons—is there a difference?

We’re glad you asked! Your hair stylist always creates any kind of bun by wrapping hair around itself—this can be done with braids or by simply winding your hair around. Plus, buns can be worn higher on the head. A chignon is always worn at the nape of the neck and can be wrapped or tucked under itself. Both dos are great for a wedding day—it depends on personal taste.

What bridal accessory is best in a low bun or chignon?

Almost any type of bridal accessory pairs beautifully with a bridal bun, including crystal spray combs, crystal vines, and bridal halos. Below, we’ve gathered some of the ways our brides have added sparkle to their chignons and low buns for their trips down the aisle.

Crystal spray combs

Tucked into the top of a low bun, crystal spray combs  make the most of their real estate with dense crystals that reach out from the center. Sometimes, as in our brunette bride’s accessory, a delicate tendril of crystals can extend around the side.

Crystal hair vines

These headpieces are among the most versatile option for brides looking for a fabulous updo accent! They're made to be flexible and can be worn a million ways. Whether you choose a subtle or showstopping hair vine, it can be wrapped, wound, and woven throughout your updo.

For instance, the women below are wearing crystal vines wrapped around their low buns. In the next set of images, you’ll find examples of full crystal vine headpieces that have more dazzle by the inch. Finally, the last single image shows how a thin crystal vine can be woven into your bun.

Shop the above pearl and blossom crystal hair vine.


Crystal bridal halos

Featuring sensational sparkle all the way around, crystal halo bridal headpieces are, in a word, glam. However, depending on the headpiece’s style and crystal density, that fabulousness can be anywhere from eye-catching to a major statement. They make a lovely accent to a low bun or chignon because they complement your hairdo’s shape and create a pretty arc that frames your face.

Check out our recent post all about bridal halos.

Floral bridal combs

What looks more lovely than a flower in your hair? One encrusted with crystals, of course! This bridal hair accessory can mimic anything from a rose’s bloom to a wildflower bouquet. Plus, a crystal floral comb will never wilt—you can wear it again and again.

Shop the above double crystal floral comb.

To find the perfect hair jewelry to complement your wedding look, visit us at our New York bridal accessory boutique!

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