Heartwarming Wedding Moments of Brides + Moms

Your wedding is a joyous day when you marry the one you love. It's also a bittersweet, tender time between brides and those most important to them. With Mother's Day a little over a week away (Sunday, May 12!), we're reminded of all the poignant wedding photos we've seen of our brides and their moms.

During the course of a wedding day, there are all kinds of opportunities for photographers to capture special moments between a bride and her mom. One of our favorite times is when the bride is getting ready.

In addition to spending a lifetime together, brides and moms spend hours shopping and preparing for the wedding. So many mother/daughter duos visit us to find the perfect bridal accessories. We love helping them carefully choose just the right pieces to complete the bride's wedding look! Seeing the love between mother and daughter and being a part of the moment they find exactly the right piece is truly special. 


Seven pictures of brides sharing special wedding day moments with their moms.

The day of the wedding is such an emotional rollercoaster for moms and their bride-daughters, but especially the time spent getting the bride ready for her walk down the aisle.

Mothers are often the first ones to see their daughters as a bride—hair coiffed, makeup gorgeous, wearing The Dress, a sparkling crystal headpiece perfectly in place. The realization that the little girl you raised is now a grown woman following her happiness is staggering and overwhelming in its bittersweet beauty.

Feeling a bit teary? Call your mom! And be sure to spend some precious time with her this Mother's Day!


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