How to Get Those Glamorous Waves Wedding Day Ready

Loose, glamorous waves are a favorite wedding day look among our brides, and it's easy to see why. The hair style is romantic, flattering, sexy, and 100% red carpet ready! That's due to its old Hollywood glamour roots. In the 1940s, the iconic Veronica Lake wore her hair in gorgeous, big waves. The look had women all over the world rushing to salons to mimic the starlet's Hollywood glam waves! But that wasn't the only time Veronica Lake's hair started a craze.

When WWII began and women went to war in factories, their glam waves introduced an unexpected problem—all those soft waves around machinery quickly became a safety hazard. So, the US government asked the star if she'd change her coiffure. Veronica was happy to help and, with the help of her stylists, unveiled her hair in the now-famous Victory Roll.

Glamorous Waves on Your Big Day 

In addition to being fabulous, this classic style is also versatile. You can lean into its old Hollywood glamour aesthetic and mimic how Veronica Lake wore her hair in a soft wave swept across one eye, or you and your stylist can create a look with more defined curls that's all about the romance. You can also give the style a modern twist by going half up, half down. 

 Styling Tip: Bridal Hair Vines!

Elevate those curls and your wedding day look with some sparkle! We've found that flexible hair vines and halos are perfect for loose waves. They're easy to bend and can be wound through your hair to complement your unique style and downdo.

Below are a few examples of how some of our brides have adorned their Hollywood glam waves with bridal hair vines.


headpieces going from top to bottom: bridal halo, two Traditional Crystal Hair Vines, bridal halo, small Glistening Cluster Vine. Bride in the blog post's featured image: Nina wearing a Dazzling Double Blossom Comb



To find the perfect bridal headpiece for your old Hollywood waves, shop our selection of bridal hair vines online or visit our New York bridal accessory boutique to view and try our entire collection.

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