Sweet Moments Between Brides + Their Dads

As the saying goes, "A daughter may outgrow your lap, but she will never outgrow your heart." This sentiment rings true, especially on the day a father watches his daughter transform from his daughter to a bride, to a woman marrying the love of her life.

We've been fortunate to have so many of our brides share their father-daughter wedding day moments with us. With Father's Day just around the corner (this Sunday, June 18!), we couldn’t resist sharing some images capturing some of the most touching moments!

A touching moment between a stunning bride and her father. Our bride is wearing a dazzling Swarovski crystal bridal hair comb via Bridal Styles Boutique

There are so many wedding day traditions that allow for precious father-daughter moments to unfold. It could be when a dad helps his daughter out of the car at the ceremony site, walking her down the aisle and lifting her veil at the altar, or a classic father-daughter dance.

Each of these instances brim with love and pride and form the patchwork of a wedding day’s beautiful, emotional narrative.  

Poignant moments between beautiful bride and their fathers. Our brides are wearing an elegant Swarovski crystal headpieces and from Bridal Styles Boutique


 Whenever it takes place, perhaps the most poignant moment is the first time a father sees his daughter as a bride. Wearing her wedding dress, makeup flawless, her hair beautifully styled with a glittering crystal headpiece perfectly in place—it’s a moment of profound emotion. The realization that the little girl he's nurtured is now a grown woman embarking on a new journey is overwhelming and beautiful.


A poignant moment between a beautiful bride and her father. Our bride is wearing an elegant Swarovski crystal headpiece via Bridal Styles Boutique.]

Feeling a little emotional? Reach out to your dad! And be sure to spend some quality time with him this Father's Day! 

An emotional moment between a lovely bride and her father. Our bride is wearing a statement Swarovski crystal headpiece via Bridal Styles Boutique.]

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