Double Up on Sparkle! | Dazzling Bridal Vine Ideas

On your wedding day, brides want to sparkle like the stars they are! Of course, there's all sorts of stars—those that twinkle and those that shine like the Milky Way. For brides that want galaxy-level dazzle, we suggest doubling up on hair accessories.

A beautiful way of doing that is with flexible headpieces like bridal hair vines. These versatile pieces enable your hair stylist to manipulate them so that they punctuate your wedding day look in just the right way. Using two delicate hair vines, you can accent the back, front, and sides of your wedding day hair style. Or, you can wind one bridal hair vine throughout your hair and then add another hair accessory such as a wedding hair comb or pins!

One spectacular way of doing this is to pair a bridal hair vine with an elaborate design element to frame the face, then add a delicate hair comb to accent your bun. Another option is to place a dramatic comb to the back of your hairstyle, then add crystal vines that radiate toward your face. There are so many options from which to choose!  To show you what we mean, we’ve shared a few stunning examples of how you can mix and match your bridal hair accessories below.

Bridal hair accessory ideas with a collage of images of wedding hairstyles with flexible wedding hair vines covered in Swarovski crystals



To find bridal hair accessories for your special day, browse bridal hair vines, enchanting halos, bridal hair combs, and more in our online bridal accessory shop. If you'd like to try all the options in person, we'd love for you to visit us at our NYC bridal accessory boutique.

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