Bridal Accessories and Horses: A Match Made in Heaven

Pups and brides are adorable. Kitties and brides are charming. But what about our other four-legged friends? We mean the elegant, always-magnificent horse. Many of our brides love to ride horses, and more than one has included her equine friend in her wedding plans.

A stunning bride wearing a veil and Swarovski crystal headpiece beside her dark bay horse.

And why not? Horses are graceful, loyal, and majestic animals that can add a touch of romance and adventure to any wedding. Whether you want to ride down the aisle or just have your horse present on your big day can make it extra special.

A fairytale wedding moment as a bride and groom kiss beside a beautiful white horse!

Of course, if any horse at all will be present (like pulling the most regal getaway carriage ever), take advantage of such a great photo op! Be sure to get shots of you looking like a goddess beside (or astride) your equine companion. We promise that your wedding dress, sparkling bridal headpiece, and spectacular cathedral veil will look even more catch-their-breath iconic. Don’t believe us? Just take a look at our gorgeous brides in their Bridal Styles bridal headpieces and veils! We’re sure you’ll agree that they look absolutely dazzling.

A fairytale moment as a bride in a beautiful gown and sparkling bridal headpiece sits on her white horse as her groom stands beside them.




A romantic bride with her paint horse. The bride wears a low-backed, romantic gown and Swarovski crystal back comb.

To find the perfect accessory for your special day, browse bridal hair vines, enchanting halos, bridal hair combs, wedding tiaras, and more at our online bridal accessory shop. If you'd like to try on our beautiful headpieces in person, we'd love for you to visit us at our bridal accessory boutique.


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