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Some may feel that wedding crowns are for traditional brides—to a degree, they're right. After all, women have worn sparkling bridal tiaras for centuries.

Tiaras—Not Just for Royalty!

We all know about the crown jewels, and at Bridal Styles, we love the fanfare every time a new princess chooses a tiara from a vault. However, the bridal crown tradition isn't just for royalty or limited to weddings.

In the 18th and 19th centuries, ballrooms across Europe and the United States were filled with women wearing stunning tiaras with matching jewelry (these dazzling sets are called parures). These pieces were worn to impress, express status and wealth, and elevate a woman's beauty. In fact, many of the beautiful hair accessories seen on Bridgerton, the popular Regency-era romance series on Netflix (based on books by the same name), are tiaras.

As times changed and they passed from grandmother to mother to daughter, tiaras evolved into an accessory synonymous with elegant, feminine, romantic, and timeless style.

 Pictured: regal bridal tiara,  bridal crown with soft ivory pearls

Modern Wedding Crowns

Just like back when women adorned themselves with parures, today's crystal wedding tiaras can convey the wearer's unique style. Minimalist brides, non-traditional brides, women who envision themselves in a flower crown, and those who wish to make a royal statement can all find the perfect finishing touch to their bridal look with just the right bridal crown.

Wedding Day Tiara Inspiration for Every Bride

Tiaras come in many different heights and styles, from soft and delicate to grand and elaborate. They can be worn with or without bridal veils and look fantastic crowning updos, downdos, and everything in between.

The tiaras in the following images are all handmade at Bridal Styles Boutique  and encrusted in genuine crystals that glimmer and shine with your every move. Of course, you're not limited to silver bridal crowns or even glittering crystals! As you'll see, our tiaras can also gleam with soft ivory pearls and can be made in pale gold.

pictured: regal wedding tiaras

Make a Royal Statement

Fit for modern-day queens, these bridal crowns are all about making an exquisite, powerful statement in regal style. They can be silver, gold, and covered in crystals or pearls (or both)!

 Pictured: sparkling bridal tiara, royal statement crown

Unique Design

Sometimes, the perfect wedding day crown is one custom made for you! The crowns in the below images are part of our Couture Collection. These intricate, detailed pieces can be customized to your specifications, or you can work with us to create a one-of-a-kind piece! For more details, send us a note.


Unconventional Patterns

Whether you gravitate toward Art Deco patterns or contemporary designs, tiaras offer a touch of glamour to your bridal look. They can also echo your wedding dress's texture and pattern as seen in some of the below images.

Pictured: pearl and crystal wedding tiara, dazzling crystal wedding tiara 


Pictured:  regal wedding crown, timeless crystal wedding tiara

Delicate Blossoms

If real blooms feel a bit impermanent, a floral crown could be perfect! Flourishing with crystal flowers and overgrown details, these tiaras last forever.

pictured: delicate floral tiara, crystal floral crown


Shop our selection of gorgeous bridal crowns, or see and try even more styles at our New York bridal accessory boutique!

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