6 Bridal Hair Accessories That Accent the Back

All eyes are on you as you twirl on the dance floor, walk away, and sashay down the aisle. That's why you chose a wedding dress with a rear view just as stunning as the front. If you're thinking your wedding day hair style (chic as it is) could use some love, too, we've got some inspo for you!

Bridal hair accessories worn at the back of the head deliver serious sparkle every time you strike a pose. They also look fabulous in pictures.


6 bold crystal bridal bridal hair accessories accenting the back of different low bun wedding day hair styles.

To find bridal hair vines and headpieces like those wrong by our brides above, browse our collection of hair accessories for brides.  


Wedding Hair Accessories That Accent the Back

Bridal hair vines, bridal halos, hair combs, and wedding tiaras are all great choices for adding a little oomph to a low bun or ponytail.

As you can see above, hair vines and halos, in particular, are our brides' favorite crystal headpieces and accessories for bringing sensational shimmer to their wedding looks. They can be wrapped around a low bun or arced around your head for 360 degrees of dazzle. However, bold bridal hair combs are a gorgeous way to make your wedding hair style pop. Though a less common back-of-head accent, a wedding tiara can be positioned at the crown of your head to extend a regal bridal look.


Bring serious sparkle to your wedding day look and bridal hair style with unique bridal accessories from our online bridal accessory shop. We also love creating custom designs unique to your personal style! If you'd like bridal accessories created just for you, please reach out!

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