Babies Wearing Their Mom's Bridal Headpieces

Many women who wed and choose to start a family dream of gifting their gowns to their daughters—it is such a beautiful, full-circle moment if they decide to wear your dress or incorporate elements of it into their own. But waiting for that day to come…oy. So, our brilliant brides have come up with an even better idea—photoshoots of their baby girls wearing their bridal headpieces! That’s right, little princesses wearing the same crystal tiaras, bridal vines, and jewelry mom wore down the aisle.

As you’ll see in the adorable photos below, it’s a darling way to mark the moment of passing on a beautiful, meaningful heirloom. Receiving the images from our brides is extremely special to us, too. It’s so moving to be included in another important moment in their lives. Seeing their tiny daughters all glammed up fills our fashion-loving hearts with joy.








 photo: Bella Cosa Photography


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