10 Gorgeous Custom Tiaras and Crowns

A bridal tiara or crown is the perfect accessory if you want to feel like a queen on your wedding day. Shimmering as you walk down the aisle, raise your glass of champagne to toast, and hit the dance floor, it'll have everyone around you catching themselves before they curtsey and murmur, 'Your majesty.'

These royal-inspired accessories come in all kinds of styles and motifs—some bold and high, others petite. They can be encrusted with crystals, pearls, porcelain flowers, or all three. Though there are many gorgeous regal pieces in our wedding hair accessory boutique, sometimes a one-of-a-kind custom tiara is the only thing that will do.

We love helping our brides design the perfect custom headpiece for their special day, whether it's a dainty tiara or the Disney princess crown of their fantasies! Our services range from developing a unique design to customizing one of our existing pieces. As you can see from our ten brides wearing their custom tiaras and custom crowns below, the finished piece is always breathtaking.

Ten images of brides wearing their sparkling custom tiaras and wedding crowns from Bridal Styles Boutique.


If you'd like us to custom design a tiara for your big day or have questions about the process, please contact us

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